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Maru believes in serving only the finest, freshest ingredients. We shop locally when possible and use organic produce and wild caught fish when available. We strive to think green and to make a difference.

Organic Tofu fresh cold tofu in sweet ginger infused soy with scallions, bonito flakes, cucumber, shredded nori, wakame and red miso

Gyu Asparagus grilled beef wrapped asparagus with a sweet teriyaki glaze

Fire Cracker Shrimp crispy fried shrimp in Japanese seven pepper seasoning served with sweet garlic chilli sauce

Soft Shell Crab deep fried served with hand dipped onion rings and Maru dressing

Land and Sea Tempura deep fried zucchini, sweet potato, mushroom, broccoli, asparagus, onion, shrimp served with Maru dressing

Flash Fried Calamari calamari flash fried in light batter served with spicy mayo

Organic Edamame freshly steamed soybeans with sea salt

Chicken Gyoza deep fried chicken dumplings served with Maru dressing

Crabby Mushrooms stuffed with crab, cream cheese, scallions and panko fried served with honey garlic sauce


Maru Signature Salad grapes, Fuji apples, dried cherries, candied walnuts, tomato, iceburg lettuce, baby greens, wasabi Dijon aioli - shrimp, teriyaki chicken or fried teriyaki tofu at an additional cost

* Seven Fish Sashimi Salad tuna, salmon, octopus, albacore, yellowtail, shrimp, smoked salmon, radish sprouts, baby greens, onion, carrot, cucumber, masago, avocado and red pepper with garlic ponzu, grapeseed oil

Seaweed Salad with toasted sesame seeds and cucumber

House Salad iceberg lettuce, baby greens, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, carrot, edamame, boiled quail egg with ginger dressing

Miso Soup made with organic miso, silken tofu, wakame and scallions

Squid Salad with toasted sesame seeds and cucumber

Tempura Udon Soup savory noodle soup with tempura shrimp, scallions and seaweed in a clear broth, served with an inari nigiri

Vegetable Udon Soup savory noodle soup with fried sweet potato, zucchini, crimini mushroom, onion, scallions, and seaweed in a clear broth, served with an inari nigiri

Yaki Udon stir fried udon noodles with zucchini, onion, carrot, mushroom - chicken, shrimp or tofu at an additional cost

Hamachi Kama fried yellowtail collar glazed with honey garlic sauce served with rice and a chef's salad


* Tuna maguro

* Tuna tataki maguro

* Albacore tataki shiro maguro

* Salmon sake

* Yellowtail hamachi

* Scallop hotategai

Egg Custard tamago

* Sweet Shrimp ama ebi

* Octopus tako

* Escolar

* Squid ika

Chef's choice assorted sashimi


* Tuna maguro

* Albacore shiro maguro

Crab kani

Eel unagi

* Salmon nama sake

Octopus tako

* Smelt Roe masago

Smoked Salmon

* Scallop hotate gai

* Escolar

Shrimp ebi

* Surf Clam hokkigai

* Sweet Shrimp ama ebi

Tofu Pocket inari

* Yellowtail hamachi

* Salmon Egg ikura

Egg Custard tamago

* Tuna Tataki

* Squid ika


* Tuna

* Salmon









Eel and Avocado

Salmon Skin

* Negi-hama

* Spicy Salmon

* Spicy Tuna


Eel and Avocado

* Spicy Tuna with cucumber and avocado

* Spicy Salmon with cucumber and avocado

Philly smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado

* Spicy Yellowtail with cucumber and avocado

Crunchy Shrimp tempura fried shrimp, avocado, spicy mayo with tempura crunch

Cali crab, cucumber, avocado


* Cosmo shrimp tempura roll topped with tuna, avocado, scallions, masago and drizzled with honey wasabi aioli and spicy mayo

Dragon crab, cucumber, avocado with eel and avocado on top, drizzled with eel sauce

* Nirvana tempura fried smoked salmon, crab, avocado, cream cheese with eel sauce, honey wasabi aioli, masago and scallions

* Madagascar shrimp tempura, avocado, kampyo, spicy tuna, tempura crunch, masago, scallions, garlic eel sauce, rooster sauce, burn sauce, serrano pepper

* Surf & Turf grilled ribeye topped wih salmon, garlic eel sauce and serrano pepper

Tarantula deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber, red pepper, radish sprouts topped with masago

* Honeymoon crab, salmon, albacore, cucumber, kampyo topped with rooster sauce, eel sauce and tempura crunch

* Beach Party tuna tataki, avocado, cucumber, radish sprouts, topped with crab salad (carrot, cucumber, wasabi tobiko with wasabi dressing)

* Rainbow crab, cucumber, avocado, topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, shrimp

* Yellow Fever spicy yellowtail, cucumber, radish sprouts, serrano pepper, cilantro oil


* Mahalo shrimp tempura and spicy mayo topped with yellowtail, avocado and pineapple salad (red pepper, cucumber, carrot and pico dde gallo)

* Lollipop tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, crab, avocado wrapped in cucumber with a chef's salad

* Ocean's Eleven salmon, cucumber, radish sprouts, kampyo topped with albacore, and avocado with a spicy salad (baby greens, carrot, cucumber, asparagus)

* 'Maru'velous crab, cucumber, avocado topped with spicy tuna, lobster, wasabi tobiko, honey wasabi aioli and eel sauce

Crouching Tiger panko shrimp tempura, cream cheese, crab, topped with shrimp and avocado, fantasy sauce, eel sauce, wasabi aioli, masago and scallions

Sexy Bacon hickory smoked bacon with cucumber, asparagus, crab, tempura crunch, soy paper, fantasy sauce, creamy garlic sauce, eel sauce and shredded nori

* Soy Joy spicy tuna, albacore, cucumber with tempura crunch and soy paper topped with eel sauce, spicy mayo and fantasy sauce

Holy Crab deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, crabstick, cucumber topped with crab, tempura crunch and eel sauce

Miss Saigon cilantro, cucumber, radish sprouts, albacore, red pepper, shrimp, avocado in soy paper with spicy chili sauce and hoisin sauce

Papa Crema crab, smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, tempura fried topped with sweet garlic potato salad

Jaws choice of yellowtail or salmon kama, albacore on furikake seasoned rice, panko fried and topped with fantasy sauce, gochujang sauce, garlic eel sauce, sesame oil and served with a chef's salad - limited availabilty


Green Turtle radish sprouts, cucumber, avocado, tomato, baby greens, asparagus and kampyo in soy paper with Maru dressing

Archer asparagus, mango, organic tofu, roasted red pepper and avocado served with Maru green goddess dressing

Rio Grande avocado, asparagus, red pepper, tomato and serrano with fresh guacamole and pico de gallo

Simply Green cucumber, avocado, kampyo and baby greens with Maru dressing

Boogie Veggie radish sprouts, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, kampyo topped with tempura fried sweet potato with Maru dressing

Super Mario shiitake and crimini mushrooms, radish sprouts, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, red pepper, tempura crunch, pickled radish and a Chef's salad


Maru Ribeye

Grilled Rock Shrimp

Teriyaki Glazed Chicken

Ribeye and Chicken

Ribeye and Shrimp

Chicken and Shrimp

Hibachi Veggie with grilled zucchini, broccoli, onion, carrots, mushroom, sweet potato, seasonal vegetables and teriyaki fried tofu

Side Orders

fried rice

grilled vegetables

teriyaki fried tofu

teriyaki chicken



* Chef's Choice omakase platters featuring today's specials. Please ask about availability.



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